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About Us

When DC Shock Services started in 2008 as Desert Creations Motor sports, we had one goal - to provide the best customer support and shock service available. With 20 years of experience in the off-road industry including racing, vehicle prep, fabrication, and suspension tuning on vehicles from class 11 to TT, we have the knowledge and understanding of how the proper shock service and setup will give you the added edge to your competition.

IMG_3925 (1)
Team DC shock services picked up another win for the year, winning all races and setting fast lap at
Another one in for shock service and CV and hub prep
Every week something new in here
Pretty cool. DC shock services on the jumbotron at the Baja 500
So far so so good for this team!!! 1 place by 12 min going into the 4th lap.jpg Skyler and David jus
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